Monday, May 17

Reflections from the weekend

the grass became so lush after the rain

I made spring rolls that tasted delicious, but fell apart after a few bites

I became enchanted by the reflection of tulips in a rain puddle

this famous Montreal statue warmed my heart

the sun came out and I was able to get some work done outside

I watched the moon rise over Mt Royal and remembered how much I love this city.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Wow. Looks like a great weekend. I heart spring rolls but have never attempted to make them for fear they'd fall apart. Thank you for facing my fear for me :).

orange sugar home said...

perfect story of your weekend. lovely photos! I'm really loving that first pic of the tree amidst the vibrant green grass.

Luna : said...

the view from mt. royal at night is possibly the most beautiful view in the world. gosh, i miss montreal!

Ashleigh said...

Beautiful! I hope to visit someday!

Lady Grey said...

Ashleigh, You should definitely come visit one day! And Luna, you should come back : )