Sunday, May 23

Rouge Coco - I'm a new woman!

I'm not someone who tends to wear a lot of makeup, especially not lipstick... I tend to stick with the eyes. However my cosmetic world has been turned upside down ever since I discovered Rouge Coco lipstick. I have to admit, I was drawn in by the gorgeous add above. So I tried it out at the Chanel makeup counter, and oh my is it ever glamourous!  I've never felt anything so soft on my lips before. It's like an instant boost of confidence. 
So I took the expensive lipstick plunge and bought one in "organdi rose" and I haven't looked back. I'm telling you, this stuff is incredible.... and the colour truly does last all day. I'm smitten!


orange sugar home said...

that is a fabulous photo of - what is her name?-johnny dep's lady friend.... so glad you found something so special to keep in your pocket!

Patinaware said...

I've never heard of an "all-day-stay" lip color that didn't dry the heck out of our lips; and i've read a lot of make-up review boards!

so, this is great news!
i'll have to give it a try one of these days.
thanks for the review!