Saturday, May 8

Simple Mornings, Peaceful Days

Today is rainy & dreary in Montreal. But sometimes this kind of weather can be wonderful. There is something so peaceful about it. A warm cup of tea, a humble bowl of brown rice. I tend to my garden and I am filled with gratitude for the slowed-down moments in my life.


orange sugar home said...

Oh my! I love your blog!! I feel like ours are somewhat similar which means we may like some of the same things in life. pleasure to meet you!

Tricia said...

You are a kindred spirit! Thank you for the reminder that taking it a little slower and doing what feels best for yourself can be so rejuvenating. I just finished reading the book "Creating True Prosperity"--it had a lovely supportive and empowering message and a reminder to be more kind to ourselves :)

Lady Grey said...

Thank you for the book recommendation, Tricia, I will definitely check it out : )