Thursday, May 13

Summer Scarves and their many uses

I love the combination of a tank top with a lightweight summer scarf.
But my love for this look goes beyond mere fashion... it's actually really handy to have a scarf around during warmer weather.... it can shelter you from the hot sun when your shoulders start to burn. It can serve as an impromptu picnic blanket on a lunch break.  It can even function as a towel after unplanned jumps into lakes, pools, fountains and sprinklers.... oh their versatility is endless!

Here are some beautiful summer scarves on Etsy:
Gorgeous organic cotton & bamboo screen printed scarves from Pretty Penny Designs:

Beautifully knitted linen & silk scarves from Knit Frekkles:

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christina said...

these are just beautiful scarves. have i ever told you, that scarves are just my favorite?