Friday, May 28

Serenity and Calm and then some fun

Serenity & Calm
i am humbled by the lavender buds 
in my garden

my day was mayhem
but now it's the weekend
and i can breathe again
... breathe in serenity & calm
and I wish you all a peaceful evening.

And now that I'm feeling refreshed again... here are some fun links for your weekend!
  • this just may be the cutest way to drink tea ever! Or should I say tee?
  • Hoverboards finally exist!!!
  • seedbomb vending machines
  • Macaron heaven... I've been dreaming about a place like this all my life!
  • I've mentioned over & over how much I love Taken by Trees.... here's a free download of the song Anna, remixed. 
  • Speaking of music... I'm very excited for this album!
  • ipad + velcro = brilliance....Creative ways to use the new ipad


Ashleigh said...

Those tee tea's are the cutest thing ever! I work in apparel and hubby is a huge tea drinker, therefore, I think we 'need' them :)

Fabulous photos - you have such a green thumb.
They say lavender is calming but I didn't know that applied to viewing pictures of it as well!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Jen said...

That sounds exactly like my day! Crazy and chaotic and then the weekend finally arrived and I was like Ahhhhhhhhh. Love these photos! Did you take them?? Either way, you sure have an eye for beauty dear!

christina said...

hi sweetie, i just emailed you~ : )
and these are the sweetest of links.
happy weekend, my friend.

a whole lotta love said...

you always have such fun links :)

Lady Grey said...

thanks everyone!
(Jen, yes the photos are mine. The little lavender buds are growing on my balcony)

orange sugar home said...

Oh what great links. I love the seedbomb vending machine. Brilliant. Another case of why didn't I think of that?!! the tea tees is just too cute....