Friday, June 11

Photo Friday & Links for Your Weekend

Perfection is Boring!
Be different.
Be your wild, messy self
and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Adorable ways to use seashells around the house 
  • Does anyone else out there wish they had Garance Dore's life
  • biodegradable pen - ecological ink
  • rain boots that charge your cell phone as you walk?
  • even Crayola crayons have world cup fever!
  • I leave you with a sweet song from Sarah Harmer, from her upcoming album Oh Little Fire:



Beach House Living said...

The photo of the Iris is magnificent.

and flowers pick themselves said...

those boots have totally blown my mind! awesome post :)

xo Alison

orange sugar home said...

finally a biodegradable pen!! I love the shells as votives. lovely post!! happy weekend to you.

a whole lotta love said...

Beautiful Iris! Love the rechargeable cell phone!

El said...

The iris photo is magnificent. Love it!