Monday, June 21

Weekend Moments... food, food, and more food!

This may sound strange, but my weekend started out in a penthouse and ended at a hippie-fest!

On Friday we were given a free night in the penthouse of the hotel where we had our wedding last year (a one year anniversary gift from the hotel). They had chocolate-covered strawberries waiting for us, and the room was fabulous.... what a view!

 We ate a lovely dinner al fresco in the hotel restaurant, and it felt like we were tourists in our own town.

On Saturday I found a mediterranean grocery store that sells fresh vine leaves... now I have to try making dolmades.

Our dear friend Mark turned 30, so we ate a lot of celebratory mussels : )
(is it just me, or did my entire weekend revolve around food?!)

Finally on Sunday we spent some time on the mountain.
Anyone who's ever been to Montreal likely knows about tamtams, a weekly Sunday gathering where people come together to drum (often using anything from kitchen sinks to pots & pans), dance, and picnic. If you ever come to Montreal, it's a must-see!

And on the way home, with the sound of distant drumming in the background, I snapped another shadow shot ; )

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.


Anonymous said...

How lovely... and um, SO jealous!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

That is an AWESOME anniversary gift!

christina said...

seriously, this is one of the most beautiful post, ever.
happy anniversary. : )