Friday, July 30

Hello Wonderful Weekend. It's so nice to see your pretty face again!

Aren't you happy it's Friday again?!
Tonight we are going to one of my favourite Montreal restaurants, O Thym, with some amazing friends that I haven't seen in way too long. Don't you just love seeing old friends again?

And for your weekend, in case you have a moment of boredom, here are some links...
  • Very cool vinyl - record art
  • a fabulous DIY chalkboard fridge
  • I really want to win this giveaway!
  • these rings make me hungry!
  • London's new bicycle rentals were modelled after the Canadian Bixie bikes!
  • watch this video: The Mynabirds – Let The Record Go

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

No way, those rings!!! hahaha! That restaurant looks really good, I've already picked out a starter (salmon/avocado) and dessert (tarte tatin)! Have fun!

Blogs said...

happy friday:) i love that nail favorite kind....good luck:)

maria said...


I'll follow you if you'll follow me:

and flowers pick themselves said...

those rings made me giggle. so cool!

xo Alison

k said...

must have chalkboard fridge..

Joyti said...

Have fun with your friends...the restaurant looks amazing (I checked it via the link you put up)

muchlove said...

that video makes me want to play dress up in fabulous vintage clothes ;)

enjoy your weekend!