Sunday, July 11

I love Slow Sunday Mornings

Today was a perfect Sunday morning. I slept in... such a gift.... gradually rolled out of bed and poured myself a fresh cup of coffee, then sipped it slowly by the lake. 
Slow waves. Bright mid-summer flowers. Juicy peaches. I love Sundays.


kate said...

Sounds just perfect!!! Hope your monday morning is equally as lovely (-:

Pinecone Camp said...

Well done M. Lady Grey - you've made me jealous! ;)
You've just had a perfect Sunday morning. Sigh.

ALFIE said...

sounds absolutely delightful! i love sundays such as you've just described :)

Anonymous said...

What a juicy peach! Yum I had one earlier just like it! Hugs to you xxx Lauren

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh that sounds so lovely... :)

Thank you for your comment on my post at Trish's, so nice of you.
xxx DJ

christina said...

i dig this type of sunday! ; ) xo