Friday, July 2

Life is good: It's July and it's the weekend!

Happy 4th of July weekend to my neighbors down south!
Enjoy all the fabulous festivities!! 

First let's start the weekend off with a sweet song by the Forest City Lovers...

And now, here are some links....
  • Look at this tiny acorn-shaped speaker for your ipod!
  • Perhaps I should get married again (this time in a field) so I can wear this unbelievably beautiful green & lace wedding gown, and eat this perfect outdoor wedding cake!
  • I want to float in this desert pool all day, and then ride this bedazzled bike home ; )
  • I've decided I want a hanging bed, and this one in particular.
  • Sure I'm excited for the Eat, Pray, Love movie and all.... but this is going too far.
  • Remember this Edward Sharpe video..... this live one is super cute too!


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

We're going to see them!

I love em! This is my favorite song and I've never seen this clip- Thank you SO much- I just watched it TWICE and then sent a link to Dr.J with the title SICK!
And I was just listening them on Pandora when I read your post- Have a great weekend.

Lady Grey said...

Lucky duck! Wish I was going to see them in concert. You can tell by this video that they're going to be great live!