New Music from The Cults

New music from Brooklyn's Cults. Have a listen!
You can download the mp3 of this song for free, and watch the official video over at Gorilla vs Bear.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'm probably the last person on earth who's not familiar with The Cults, right? I'm grabbing your blog button!

Anonymous said...

cool music!


and flowers pick themselves said...

we're having a mind meld! i totally just downloaded some cults last night!

xo Alison

Diana Mieczan said...

So great! Thanks sweetie:) You are great!

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you!

orange sugar home said...

love all of your music tips. Can't wait to listen to this group. I'll impress folks with how hip I am when I mention them. About Canada, we're planning our trip for next summer and are thinking that on our way to New England we'll drive through Canada for a portion of the trip. Can't wait to see how lovely it is.

iheartkiwi said...

i love it!

heading over to download it now!

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