Tuesday, August 31

Day Two and looking a little bit brighter

So today was a little bit better. The Inuit people are quite adorable, and definitely not as stoic as the stereotype would have you believe. They smile and giggle a lot, which is always nice to see in a hospital.

Today I learned a few words in Inuktitut.... Ullaakut (good morning), and Nakurmik (thank you). And after a lot of repeating questions all day, I finally learned that the Inuit often say yes nonverbally by raising their eyebrows. That tidbit of information would have saved me a lot of time!!

Anyway, thank you all for your kind words of support. Your sweet comments really lifted my spirits. Oh and thanks for the canned recipe suggestions.... those will certainly come in handy : )


Arpita And Jonathan said...

Ooh if you're able to get some time away from the hospital you'll need to get someone to teach you how to make your own mocasins. A friend of mine was up there and made her own... soaked in seal fat oil and all. They were GORGEOUS though!! And she said so warm! :) Glad things are looking up!

christina said...

giggling is good... very good. :)

k said...

very cool :)

Martina said...

These stone sculptures look archaic and interesting. Maybe, if you get used to the blandness of the north - and the cold, of course - it can be really interesting. I'm not a north person myself, but somehow would like to be there now - in a little house, and write!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya lady. I get homesick at first where I want to turn right around. And then I learn to love the place and leaving is hard.
I'm sure you're going to have an amazing time once you get the hang of things!

Natalie said...

Im so happy your feeling a little bit better! hang in there guys, even when its hard just know that when its all over you will have an amazing experience to look back on. you two are the most adventerous people i know when it comes to travel and experiences so i know in the end you will be so happy to have done this. take it all in and enjoy larning the little things abotu a culture few of us will ever be amongst. love you guys!

Anonymous said...

They raise their eyebrows? I'll have to try that... but then again that might give me (more) wrinkles on the forehead, maybe I shouldn't. Hm. I'm glad it's getting better!