Tuesday, September 21

For the Love of City Subway Maps

My husband loves subway maps. He collects them. We have tons of them at home from all over the world. When we travel to a new city, we always use the subway system. It's such a great way to explore a city and experience its day to day life. 
I seem to have acquired a love for subway maps too. I love their bright colours, their web-like shapes, and the foreign names of their subway stops. 

So anyway, this post is for my hubbie, who had a rough day today and could use a little pick me up : )

Washington, DC


Montreal : )




Hong Kong


This website compares all the world's subway maps on the same scale.... it's absolutely fascinating to look at!
(images via TreeHugger.com)


k said...

hey you!!! i also love maps of anything for some reason - these are so fun! hope that you have been well - i'm excited to read what you've been up to while i was gone! :)

Anonymous said...

That's actually really interesting! I've never thought of collecting them before but why not? Nice and colourful!

Dawn said...

Thanks your comment on my blog. :) I love the idea of collecting something that you get for free and using it as a memento. What do you do with the maps after you collect them? I try to scrapbook our adventures and tend to keep town maps, take out menus, and ticket stubs. Next time I take public transportation I will have to save my map!

Diana Mieczan said...

My hubby and your hubby would be very good friends...haha...He also loves subway maps...Those are very cool and I am going to send him a link to your blog right away:) Kisses,darling

Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

Ashleigh said...

How fun! I like to use them as background pages for our scrapbook of travels. Did get a little overwhelmed looking at Tokyo's map ;)
ahem...where is Chicago's map?? Would you like me to send one for your collection? :)
That website IS fascinating! Moscow is the most organized looking of all!

a whole lotta love said...

I love subway maps! They are great in decor too if you put a large one up on the wall. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I put your button on my blog. Hope you can do the same? Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

ok, now I love subway maps too! Couldn't you just see them framed in a group on the wall? Sending good thoughts for you and hubby. xo

this free bird said...

When I went to London I gazed at the map lovingly seeing all the places to explore. You've totally taken me back in time. Love that!


Bianca said...

I love the subway, I feel like such a local whenever I travel and take it! You've been to some wonderful places!

Unknown said...

I love them too! We have a world map shower curtain, I would prefer a subway map! That scale drawing is cool! XX!

Rohini said...

That is such a groovy thing to collect! I don't collect anything as of right now but I plan to do some big time show collecting once I start earning. ;)

heather said...

aww, how sweet of you to post a little pick me up for hubby! :) i've always loved subway maps too, and riding on the subway... though i don't quite like going it alone!

liz said...

Gosh, i love those picture. It makes so missing London, especially the subway :)

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natalie said...

cheer up brother! hope things have turned around!

Kristin W said...

This is so cool! I want to start collecting subway maps!