Wednesday, September 15

My Virtual September Shopping Spree

Since there's no shopping to be done in my present location, I decided to go on a virtual shopping spree.... here's what I'm buying....
A few gorgeous tops from Filippa K

Warm weather accessories from Rag & Bone

Tall boots from The Frye Company

The gorgeous camels from J. Crew

This stylish backpack from MATT & NAT (if I were still in school!)

And just for fun, these Marc Jacobs school supplies

And finally, also for fun, these confetti socks from Kate Spade


Crescent Louise said...

I go "virtual" shopping all the time! Love it.

FEDERICA said...

Love this virtual shopping! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love your picks...I would love to get those boots too:)

Anonymous said...

Fun! I love those socks!!! Hope it's going well for you up there!