Monday, November 1

Weekend Moments: The First Signs of Winter

This weekend was our first snowfall.
There is something so magical and peaceful about the first snowfall of the year... even if it signifies 6 months of winter!

Before the snow, the apple orchards had all turned a vibrant shade of orange. 
Something I'd never noticed before.

I spent the weekend at my parents place. My mother and I cooked up a storm. 
I love watching her make pie crust.

We visited our country neighbour who raises organic chickens for fresh farm eggs.

 (those chickens are actually pretty cute!)

I made these lemon shortbread cookies, and they are just lovely!

And then on Sunday it's always back to life in the city again.
I love that I get the best of both worlds. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


Chiara said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!!
I love your comment about the first snow, its bitter sweet, so beautiful, yet you know you are in for another 6 whole months!!! What city do you live in? I lived in Canada for 5 years, so I can definitely understand!!

Jude said...

There's something so magic about the first snow (especially when you know you're in for 6 months!) and your photos are lovely. The sweet chickens and the hands kneading dough are also magic. :)

Chrissy said...

Aww - I love the second photo!! So magical!!
Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm really gettin' in the Christmas mood here!!

The Southland Life said...

ohh i'm so jealous! it was 80 degrees in Savannah this weekend! i'm so ready for cooler weather! those lemon cookies look awesome!!!

Regan said...

Lovely winter photos :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

I love when the snow is like powdered sugar on the trees like in your pics!! It's beautiful! =)

Unknown said...

that snowfall is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

this free bird said...

oh my your snow pictures are just wonderful. my brother's in calgary and said they had the same. the first snowfall is always so beautiful. (but i remember the stray that showed up in may after 6 months of winter...yikes!)

yummy cookies too - i bookmarked them!


Liesl said...

Looks like such a fun time and I am simply LOVING your pictures!!!

Liesl :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Beautiful photos! Absolutely stunning!!! And I want to make pies now! That photo looks like it's straight from a Martha Stewart magazine.

Elizabeth said...

The snow on the trees is so pretty! And, I can't wait to try and make those cookies! They look just beautiful. Fun to see the 20's and 30's cocktail party - you all looked fabulous.

xo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

The first snowfall (duh I just wrote snowBALL) IS lovely! Love hearing the snow crunch underneath the boots.

Diana Mieczan said...

There is something so special about the first snow:) Aww...Love those photos,sweetie and your weekend sounds amazing

Unknown said...

What a weekend! I love the costume party you went to and those chickens are too cute! Can't believe you've already had the first snowfall!

k said...

Oh my goodness, the snow looks so pretty! I can't believe it's snowing!

monica said...

i can't wait until we get hit with our first snow.


Ashleigh said...

I couldn't believe it when my mother in law said it snowed!! Your weekend sounds fabulous - the lemon cookies are making my mouth water!

Crazy Sweet Life (Brianna) said...

Pretty pics hun....and those cookies look so good!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

can't tell you how much i love your photography. your landscpaes are pin sharp but with so much soul. brilliant.xx

Angel said...

Very nice photos :) I like the autumn trees and the winter too :)

Bianca said...

The first snowfall is always so beautiful; but somewhat sad, because it means the deep freeze has begun!

Lovely photos!


cb said...

those pictures are beautiful! i made a pie this weekend but your guys are amazing for making the crust, i bought my crust but made pumpkin pie with a real pumpkin, boy was it yummy!! love that chicken sign! my cousin had those chickens but gave them to a friend, now she has silkies! they are tiny and look like they have pants on and lay bluish colored eggs! how fun! i can't wait to have enough room to have a few chickens!


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Wow a weekend in the country looks super cozy. I love the snow!