Friday, March 18

SouthWest Road Trip: Charming Santa Fe

Santa Fe absolutely exudes old southwest charm. 
 The adobe architecture, the hanging chiles everywhere, the sweet smell of burning sage that fills the air at night, the incredible restaurants, the tumbleweed that appropriately rolls down the street.... we have completely fallen in love with this charming little city. 
I'd highly recommend a visit here to anyone.

I love that Santa Fe is filled with real cowboys and cowboy paraphernalia.
We just don't get these kind of characters in Montreal.

And now for the food....
That gloriously spicy, delicious food.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Santa Fe. We loved La Plazuela and Cafe Pasqual's (I even bought the cookbook).... both were outstanding! 
I love how they serve honey and bread alongside the spicy chile dishes. I never knew that honey could cut the spice out when your mouth is on fire... but it does, and it really works!

Tomorrow our road trip ends, and we fly back to Montreal. It's been a fabulous experience (thanks for following along!), but it will be good to be home in Montreal again... I hear the weather has been milder and that spring is right around the corner now : )


k said...

The pictures are so so good!! I love the "real cowboys" haha!!

mermaid gallery said...

I love how colorful it is...both with characters and chili peppers...thanks for taking us along....Spring is just around a big corner here in Canada....but we have a good attitude!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Isn't New Mexico amazing? I dont know what it is but the whole vibe of the state is just comforting and mystical.

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Diana Mieczan said...

I love your trip and all the photos are so beautiful:) The hanging chiles remind me of Balazs' hometown and I love the cowboy photo:) I used to live in Wyoming and everyone had a hat like that! Have a lovely flight back home, sweetie

Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

Hahah I love that you use an arrow to point out: Cowboys here! That is just amazing. Great post. I want to go, it does looks so charming!

Unknown said...

looks like a future stop for me! the food looks soooo good.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for sharing your road trip! I had a fabulous time!