Sunday, March 27

Weekend Moments: Searching for Spring

Montreal is well-known for it's winters that drag on forever. 
And even though it's officially spring now, I hadn't yet seen the proof. 
So I went looking for it...

And guess what? 
Turns out spring is here, 
you just need to look down... way down... and you'll see the first signs.

Even the robins have returned to the Montreal area.... so I guess that's objective proof that spring is here. You can't argue with robins.

And the sap is running from the trees (more definitive proof!)
 So I rest my case. 
It may still feel like winter, but there's no doubting this evidence.
Spring has undoubtedly arrived.

 Now, back to my weekend.

I spent Saturday night with my parents out in the country. We went to a local small-town cinema... which is not a cinema at all, but a cafe converted into a cabaret-style performance hall equipped with a projector. It was such a charming environment. They served deliciously buttered popcorn and we drank wine at our little cafe tables while watching Incendies. (The movie itself was a little disturbing, but incredibly done. No surprise it won best foreign language film at the oscars).

And finally my mother and I invented this raspberry & lemon tart, and it was so good that we ate the whole thing, and there was nothing left over to bring back for the husband (sorry, dear!)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.


Hippiegonemad said...
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Mandy Koster said...

Hey Vanessa, that pie looks delicious! Do you have the recipe?

Sounds like a great weekend!

Happy Monday!
x Mandy

the southern hostess said...

This post makes me so happy. I'll have to start searching for spring too. And that tart looks perfect!

Kristin H said...

Adorable. Just moved to London and we are embracing spring here:) Yes, and would love a piece of that tart:)

Melanie's Randomness said...

That raspberry lemon tart looks delicious!! I hear ya on the lingering Winter. I did see the beginnings of a flower patch when I went for a walk last week and it made me so happy! Soon my friend!! Soon!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Tiffany Kadani said...

Gorgeous photos! That pie looks absolutely amazing!

k said...

you can't argue with robins, haha :) love it.

Crazy Sweet Life (Brianna) said...

Oh my goodness! That pie looks sooo yummy and so pretty too:)

lila Braga said...

This post makes me kind of happy... so full of joy!

JoID said...

Hey Lady Grey, i'm a new follower, i love your blog, so beautifull, so soft, so lovelly!!! And the pie... looks absolutely amazing and super tasty!!! xoxo JoID

Unknown said...

I've tried to look for signs of spring here, too. I saw it all over last week when I was in Kansas, but up here I've hardly seen a thing! I just want to see some buds on the trees, or some signs of flowers about to sprout! Sheesh!

AMY said...

OH the JOY.......Iris's and Robins!!! I love signs of spring like those!
And that Rasp/Lemon tart looks delicious!<3

Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

Wowzers! I love your weekends... Okay so first thing, (I hope you get this comment) I came across this and thought I should share it with you in case you're interested. Also, I did elementary school in Sutton! I haven't been back in years and that cinema looks really cool! Anyway love your blog... Hope you have a great evening/rest-of-week,
Just a Silhouette

Tash said...

I haven't seen any flowers in Montreal yet but i've seen the robins and the geese!!! On Thursday the sky was filled with about a hundred geese in 2 V formations in Laval and it made my heart sing! I'm loving your blog and especially that you are a fellow Montrealer! Enjoy the springy weekend :)