Friday, April 8

Kick back, relax, and have a great weekend!

Oh glorious sunshine! We are being spoiled today in Montreal. My windows are wide open right now and the warm air and light is just streaming on in.

I've got to soak it all up now, unfortunately, because sadly I have to work all weekend.
But I hope you have a wonderful weekend... have some fun for me!

Here are some links...
  • first of all, you have to watch this video. It is the most adorable thing ever.... and it really makes me want to move to California (not like I didn't already!)
  • It was Spring Colours Week over at Poppytalk and I had so much fun participating. Check out the flickr pool, it is just filled with beauty.
  • a company designs a prosthetic mermaid tail so a woman without legs can swim in the ocean. Beautiful!
  • I was astonished to find out that Kurt Cobain died SEVENTEEN years ago on April 5th. I'm seriously in shock... honestly, where does the time go?
  • This movie looks rather cute
  • I've kind of fallen in love with this wine
  • Listen to this lovely song from Ben Gibbard
  • And this gorgeous video



Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

That video was so cute! Made my afternoon. Sorry to hear you have to work all weekend. Hopefully you'll be able to catch some sun and or relaxation at some point!
Just a Silhouette

Tash said...

Glorious sunshiny day yes!! Have a lovely weekend even if you have to work.

Joyti said...

It is all sunshiny here too, but still so cold!
Hope you enjoy what parts of the weekend you can squeeze in :)

k said...

17 years ago????? for real???

Unknown said...

Such a relaxing picture!!!

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