Tuesday, June 21

Damage Control....

My friend Rebecca introduced me to this miraculous stuff and I'm so grateful she did!
Aveda's Damage Remedy is a leave-in treatment that has truly done wonders for my hair. 
If your hair needs a little boost, I highly recommend trying this.

Ok that's all I really had to say,
... just wanted to share the love : )


Emily said...

Haha, this is EXACTLY what I use at home. When I was bleaching my hair last spring/summer, I bought the whole 3 products. I am completely addicted to Aveda, I can't get my hair cut anywhere else now, it's my one thing I splurge on myself ;) AND this stuff smells so awesome. I don't bleach my hair anymore but I still love the smell of them.

k said...

i got a product like that and it smelled like marshmallows and i loved it so much!! i haven't been able to find it again but it was aveda :)