Friday, June 24

Fete de la musique in Montreal

On Wednesday night, my father-in-law took us out for a celebratory dinner at the Renoir (the delicious restaurant at the Montreal Sofitel - which is also where we got married two years ago). 

Apparently June 21st was the Fête de la Musique (in France), and we unexpectedly found ourselves in the middle of a wonderful free outdoor concert with Montreal's Sally Folk. It was a fantastic evening, and the perfect way to celebrate our finishing school forever!

Oh and the food at the Renoir is UNBELIEVABLE!

And somehow this week is already over, and the husband and I are officially done residency forever. We have some big life changes up ahead, which I'll explain next week.
In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful weekend.


Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

I hope good life changes!
That fish and dessert look delicious. I haven't bene to the Renoir. I wish I had now, having lived on Drummond for years... Oh hindsight.

Just a Silhouette

mermaid gallery said...

looks like the perfect place to and your husband have really accomplished lots to celebrate....must feel wonderful!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Mazel Tov! That is great that you are done!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Great food & Music? Sounds perfect!! Love the look of that dessert!!

Melanie's Randomness