Monday, June 13

Weekend Moments: The Rain and Roses

 It was cold & rainy this weekend, but that didn't stop me from having a wonderful time.
 On Saturday we celebrated my little cousins 8th birthday. She looked so cute, and changed dresses 3 times... what a little girly girl (my kind of girl!)

Meanwhile, life on our sheltered little balcony goes on despite the rain. 
And the garden loves it!

 On Sunday my dear friend Brianna visited with her adorable little boy, Harris. 
 I never realized how un-baby-proof my apartment is!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

So sweet! Ya, I wouldn't recommend that any children be let loose in my place either!
Just a Silhouette

Hope said...

Looks like a fun weekend. :)


Unknown said...

awwww he's so cute

Stephanie said...

looks like a wonderful weekend! love those raindrops on the little flowers :)

Crazy Sweet Life (Brianna) said...

Harris prefers un-baby-proof places - they're way more fun!
I think it's so adorable that your niece changed three times. What a little monkey.

Buster's Dad said...

Best looking kid ever! (I'm not biased at all)

Congrats to you and your old man on passing your doctor tests. I heard he did better than he thought he was gonna do

Unknown said...

looks like you had a jam-packed weekend :) love the pictures!

Lady Grey said...

Mark, you heard right... what a schmuck!
; )

k said...

this looks like a beautiful heart warming w/e :)