Wednesday, July 6

Beaches & clouds - and back to reality

After a magical 5 day vacation by the sea, we are back in Montreal and have to face reality again. On Saturday morning we embark on our big move up north.

Our seaside escape had temporarily removed all the stresses of moving from my mind - but now that we're back in our box-filled apartment it's all coming back to me again.  

There's so much left to do... but at least for tonight I'm heading off to bed early, and will dream of the rhythmic ocean waves and pretend I have no other care in the world.


Monique said...

good luck with your packing. looks like you had a great trip. nothing says summer like a great beach trip have a lovely weekend and hope the transition up north is a good one.

Katie*Belle said...

What gorgeous pictures! I'm glad you had a nice trip, and best of luck with your move.

Diana Mieczan said...

Best of luck with the move and those photos are so pretty. Glad you had a great vacation, darling. Muah