Thursday, October 6

Lately up north... it's rather colourful!

We've been very lucky with the weather lately. People keep telling me it's been unseasonably warm this year.
But I know the snow is coming soon, so we've been soaking up the outdoors as much as possible lately.

We went hiking with some friends and got to try some "Cree tea"... which essentially is regular black tea boiled on an open fire inside a teepee, where it picks up a bit of smokey flavour. It certainly hit the spot!

It's cranberry season up north - just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend. I'm planning to make fresh cranberry sauce from the berries I collected.

We found the wild cranberries growing on the banks of James Bay (a freezing cold extension of the arctic ocean). It's funny to think that we are 'living by the sea' up here. It's not really what you think of when you picture a seaside town.

I wasn't sure I was going to get to see any colour changes this fall, since 90% of the trees up here are evergreens. But turns out we have a lot of poplars too, and they form this amazing yellow tunnel along the roadside.

I hope you're having a great week so far.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

wow- beautiful photos.

mermaid gallery said...

fabulous...the north has such's just so these pics!

Anna Walker said...

Gosh that looks so fun and lovely!
Gorgeous colors, awesome that you found wild cranberries, and I hope that you're having a super fabulous time! Oh and I'm jealous that you've been hiking! :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

I adore how well you captured that moon. Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

just beautiful!

Gina said...

All the colors are gorgeous!! And cranberry picking sounds really fun right now! Awesome photos :) I hope you have a great weekend coming up!

xo, gina

Natalie said...

I love that you guys are so "living off the land" up there...but sometimes I worry about an Into the Wild moment, please be careful!!!

also, love love love the pictures!

sweet harvest moon said...

Amazing beautiful pictures! It's so pretty out there!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

fifth floor apartment said...

the leaves are far less colorful here. these shots are lovely!

xo Alison

Tash said...

Such beautiful scenes Vanessa and picking your own wild cranberries for your Thanksgiving sauce, now that's pretty special.
Enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

oh, wow, amazing photos. I miss Canada!!!!!!!!!!!

elena nuez said...

those are gorgeous!!!!
thanks for that amazing trip,

a big hello from Madrid,