Photos From a Frosty Weekend

We had our first snowfall this weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning to white dusted treetops, and everything looked so much brighter. The snow is very welcomed. It's been so dark & gloomy up here lately.

We walked around our icy little town, and crunched frozen puddles under our feet. 
I never seem to get too old to find this amusing : )

There's definitely something magical about the first snowfall.

I hope you had a warm & cozy weekend. 


Emily {tomorrow never knows} said...

As much as I am excited for the mountains to open and hot chocolate and snowmen and mittens and boots... These pictures remind me I am NOT ready yet. BRRRR!!!

I'm pretty sure it's coming soon, the temperature is getting pretty low.

Dancing Branflake said...

Great shots! We had a warm weekend- sun shining and even took a bike ride for a picnic.

Anonymous said...

Great! First snow is so spcecial!

Tamara Nicole said...

I want snow!!! Jealous:-)

Pssst I am letting all of my google followers know that I changed my domain to Please update your reader if needed :-) Thanks hun!!!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

gorgeous photos ! im not a fan of cold and snow but living in canada means learning to embrace it.
i love your cute boots

Jan | Poppytalk said...

first snowfalls are always the best! love the crunch of new ice too! beautiful photo's Vanessa!

its simple love said...

Oh that looks bitter! Gorgeous photos but I enjoy looking at them more than actually experiencing the cold :)


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