Tuesday, November 22

Fashion Inspiration: Vintage Vogue Covers

(Vogue, 1929)

Vogue: The Covers features 300 of Vogue Magazine's most memorable covers from the last 120 years.
The illustrated covers from the early 1900's are particularly beautiful.




Magazine covers used to be so much more artistic than they are today!
I wish they would still feature original artwork once in a while, instead of always showing some close-up shot of the celebrity-du-jour.

Even the photographic covers of the past seem more artistic than todays covers.

But maybe I'm just romanticizing the past....

Anyway this book looks lovely. You can see more vintage Vogue covers here.

All images via Vogue Daily


Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh wow! I love how they were always on the forefront of fashion. I would have loved to have worked with them back then.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

cool- they would look so awesome framed and hung!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

they would look cool framed, i agree.
~laura x