Sunday, November 6

Weekend Moments: It's November, can we get festive now?

How was your weekend?
We turned the clocks back, and then slept some more. Then we made a delicious brunch. Aren't weekends the best?!

Did you know that there are only 47 days until Christmas? In my opinion, it's high time to get festive! So I bought some Christmas lights and put them up around the apartment. It already feels very festive around here : )
Soon we'll have to break open the Baileys.

It's a funny time of year, November. There's not enough snow for winter activities, and it's really hard to find things to do outside. 
We discovered that this town has a gorgeous new indoor swimming pool, so we got out our swim gear and did some laps. Wow! Swimming is REALLY good exercise!

On Sunday morning we went for a wintery picnic by the seaside. We brought hot coffee, some mugs and a blanket. It was freeeeeezing!
To be honest, we didn't last too long out there, but it was an experience ; )

I've been on the lookout for my Christmas tree. There are so many lovely scraggly evergreens to choose from up here. But I have to be patient. The hubs says I have to wait until December to get the tree. Our first year together I insisted on putting up the tree in November and it was dead by Christmas! He keeps me realistic, that husband of mine.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!


Carrie said...

i love seeing christmas lights! it really gets me in the holiday spirit. especially when they play christmas songs on the radio.


Katy said...

that is the PERFECT weekend! ;-)

heather said...

hahah my hubs keeps me in check too! so funny :) what a lovely weekend you two had! i really don't swim enough, but every time i do i think, damn, i have to do this more often! i love the feeling of being weightless. and man alive, is it good exercise!

yay for fairy lights! we are going to get some of those very soon too!

happy week to you!

Pierre BOYER said...

What a great sunday and lovely pictures...
Regards from France,


Crazy Sweet Life (Brianna) said...

You guys are so darn adorable. Love the seaside picnic! xoxox

the southern hostess said...

What a beautiful weekend! I love your winter picnic, Christmas lights, and that breakfast looks amazing.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

beautiful weekend you had !
i keep christmas lights up all year. mostly the white but i love them in my bedroom and usually other rooms too. they have such a warm glow like candles
those rocks look cold on the bum... i wouldnt have lasted long either
unless maybe there was baileys in that coffee :)
~laura x

Unknown said...

It is totally time to start getting festive. This year I say bring it on early!

Fit With Flash said...

Damn you Canadians and your earlier T-giving. It's tradition that we wait to celebrate anything Christmas until after T dinner, so I've got a few more weeks... SO ready though! : ) That picnic looks freezing, but adorable. Points for effort!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of putting Christmas lights already!

sweet harvest moon said...

Can i come and visit you? It looks so beautiful where you are :)

Can't wait for Christmas!

Have a nice week!

k said...

yeah for the christmas lights!!! I'm going to have to work on putting some on my balcony!

Jessica said...

And at least it got you some fabulous pics even if it was cold and short lived! We haven't gotten the Christmas lights up yet, waiting for Thanksgiving for that. But I'm being tempted to spray paint our little baby pumpkins all white or gold to transition the halloween to thanksgiving to Christmas! What do you think?

But we have busted out the Hot Toddy's...and they're awesome!

PS you should enter my NYC giveaway!

Natalie said...

I love your little picnic you guys are so cute/awesome.
Sean won't let me decorate until after Thanksgiving. He looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested we put up some decorations soon. Alas the tree issue is decided for us - they don't sell trees around here until Dec 1st. Last year it was even later, I was devastated. Is it so wrong to want more than 25 days of Christmas cheer? I. Think. Not.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

LOVE those boots!