Thursday, November 3

Winter Fashion, Montreal Style

It just so happens that two of my favourite 'winter fashion' companies come from Montreal. And that's fitting, because let's face it, not many other cities know winter like Montreal does.

Montreal is definitely a fashionable city, but if you've ever visited in the winter, you know that it's simply WAY too cold to not have a proper winter coat.

And that's why I love Mackage coats.

 Not only are they beautifully detailed and surprisingly flattering, they're also warm enough to get you through a Montreal winter. And that's saying something!

My other favourite Montreal company is La Canadienne. They make gorgeous winter boots that are both stylish and truly warm enough for those slushy Montreal streets.

In Montreal, you truly have to love your outerwear, 
because you'll be wearing it 6 months out of the year : )


Anna of The Analog House said...

I remember those Montreal winters!! I always invested in a nice coat and rubber soled boot. I loved Rudsak, too, but I always thought those shoes were too nice to get snow on them! And I love Soia and Kyo coats.

Now, I live in a climate that is warm, and I never get to wear any of those shoes and coats. I'd almost wish a Montreal winter back to wear them again. ;-)

xo, Anna of (Green Gable)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. That reminds me that clothes have to have their utility, apart for being stylish.
Have a cosy weekend :)