Sunday, December 11

Weekend Moments: Christmas time in Toronto

We spent the weekend in Toronto with my in-laws. 
We are celebrating Christmas with our families a little early this year, since we have to go back to work up north on the 23rd.

Even though it's a little hard pretending that's it's actually Christmas now, I still had a lot of fun decorating their ginormous Christmas tree, eating tons of Christmas cookies, and opening a few presents.

 My mother-in-law got us these adorable wooden advent calendars, that you can reuse every year. Aren't they gorgeous?!

Whenever we visit my in-laws there is always a crazy abundance of delicious food, and I always seem to eat to the point of food-indiced coma.
oh well, that's what the holidays are for, right?!

Toronto truly looks beautiful all dressed up for the holidays. It just needs some snow!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


Mandy Koster said...

Have fun darling! It really looks like christmas over there, especially with that perfect christmas tree :-)

X Mandy

Vic said...

that's just beautiful! i love the tree and of course the food looks divine! i know that pretending a little early isn't the same but making the best of it, is great! and it sure looks like a nice family time! send some of that snow my way when it comes!:) happy holidays pretty lady!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! That is one incredible tree! Love that fireplace and those photos of you are gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Beautiful- looks like it was a fun pre Christmas- Christmas- the Advent Calendars are such a great gift- so special that you will get to use them for years to come!

Crazy Sweet Life (Brianna) said...

Holy Moly! Now that's a christmas tree! And that spread of food...

sweet harvest moon said...

It looks like an amazing time! Have fun!

Tash said...

It's nice to see you lovely lady :) I hope you're having a great early Christmas. xx