Thursday, January 12

Fashion Forward....

(Rochas, pre-fall 2012)

Living up north, I feel pretty cut off from the fashion world. 
You could wear your pyjamas to work up here and no one would think anything of it... and that's wonderful, and I wouldn't change it, but sometimes I long for the glamorous styles of the city.

So I sometimes get my fix by looking at couture collections online. 
Here's what I'm loving from the pre-fall 2012 collections....

 I'm loving the preppy seductive feel of Carven (above)

And the über coolness of Rag & Bone (below)

I'm loving the simple sleek tailoring from The Row...

And the classy elegance of Nina Ricci

ok, ok, well that's enough of that. Back to reality now.

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Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

There's something extremely fashionable about a good snow suit :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Love the first picture!

Happy weekend!

Marie said...

TOTALLY agree! I have lived the majority of my life in Montreal, and for the brief stints that I lived in NYC, I felt like it was much more acceptable to wear a dress there on a daily basis that I would only wear to a special event here!

Anywho, love your blog and these picks!


The Clothes Maiden said...

these are soo beautiful! I used to live up north and i always felt the exact same way aha :) what is it with the North?!