Monday, January 2

Lately Up North, I'm learning what cold is.

Coming from Montreal, I always thought I knew what true cold was.
I didn't.
Up here in the north it is way, WAY colder.

I've never felt cold like this before. I didn't know it existed.
But I can't say I wasn't warned, no one said it would be warm up here.

Bitter chills aside, it certainly is beautiful up here in the winter....

Everyday is bright and sunny. 
There is a certain quality of light up here that I've never experienced before. 
It's magical, and pure.

And even at night it's beautiful. The cold, starry skies are just magnificent.
(I officially experienced my first frostbit fingers while taking these photos. Oh well, I guess it's kind of a rite of passage up here.... I now know better!)

Lately up north, I discovered that people build snowmen as tall as their houses!
They also build all kinds of things out of snow....

We've been eating lots of warm soup lately, and I feel grateful for my full pantry of food that makes winter cooking enjoyable. 
One of the Cree women I work with gave us these hand-stitched mittens that are hanging on our Christmas tree, and make our apartment smell like teepee smoke.

Lately up north, the river has frozen solid, and looks absolutely lovely surrounded by the icy forest.

 Lately up north... I couldn't feel more grateful for my warm, cozy apartment, with it's blossoming flowers, wooly blankets and endless cups of hot tea.

I hope you're doing well out there : )


brooke kathryn said...

what a beautiful post; I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm a california girl born and raised, so I have absolutely no idea what "real cold" is, I don't know if I could handle it. hehe. Stay warm and keep up with your beautiful photos.

Jan Halvarson said...

wow - i love those snowmen! such a cool suprise i'm sure to find them popping up! i love the night sky too.

Crazy Sweet Life (Brianna) said...

Beautiful pictures luv! Montreal misses you:)

monica said...

Hi Vanessa,
I've been following your blog for a while and I'm amazed by the change in your life from the metro streets of Montreal to the frozen wonderland Up North. I really appreciate the honest and insightful way you are documenting your frozen experiences. I'm from Vancouver and I also do not know what "real cold" is. Thanks again! Monica

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! You guys are troopers! I love these photos- and laughed out loud at the snowmen ones. Hilarious!

Mandy Koster said...

Love this post! It really sounds so romantic, being up north in the cold!

It's supposed to be cold and snowy here in Berlin as well, however, it's quite warm at the moment.... I must say I kinda miss the cold a bit, especially after looking at your photos!

X Mandy

sweet harvest moon said...

Look at the snowmen! So funny!

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, It's really beuatiful!
I've enjoyed this post a lot :)

Eleanor said...

I'd be lying if I didn't say I am a little envious of the sheer beauty the cold brings up there! I think it might just be a fair trade for cold!

Anonymous said...

it really is beautiful up where you are!!!

happy new year!!!

Tash said...

I love seeing what your life is like up UP North Vanessa. I cannot imagine WAY colder! Beautiful scenes and those mittens are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa, Once again I am in awe of the stark beauty of that oh so cold northern world. The skies are truly incredible, weather they are night or day ones. We are such a different world here...grass never leaves (though doesn't grow in winter) and already in late January we have our first flowers, the snowdrops. Still, our skies are often cloudy and I do miss those clear skies which you get most of the time. Both worlds have their own beauty really. Honestly don't know if I could cope with -40 degrees though!