Thursday, January 26

Snoozer Loser (How to get up in the morning)

I don't where or how I got lost along the way, but I used to be a morning person. 
Now I repeatedly press the snooze button for an entire hour, without even entering a semi-conscious state. 

So I've been looking online for tips on how to get up earlier in the mornings. Most of what I read I already knew, and is pretty obvious, but I think I needed to hear it again. 
I am now fully motivated to reclaim my status as a morning-person.

Here's my plan of attack for how to get up early and save time in the morning....

1. First get rid of the snooze button option. Seriously, it's an addiction. And it only teaches your body to ignore the sound of your alarm.

2. Place your alarm clock across the room, out of arms reach. This one is obvious, as it physically gets you up out of bed in order to shut off the disturbing noise.

3. Resist the urge to crawl back under the covers and force yourself to drink a cold glass of water. Apparently this kick starts your metabolism and tells your body it's wake-up time.

4. Pick out your clothes the night before. I waste SO much time in the morning deciding what I want to wear. It's like my half-asleep brain is incapable of decision making.

5. I read in some places to ditch coffee altogether. But that's never going to happen, I love coffee way too much. I read elsewhere to prepare your coffee machine the night before, and set it to auto-brew. This will save precious morning minutes and the smell will likely help draw you out of bed too. 

6. Get some early morning exercise. This is truly my ultimate goal. Back when I was a morning person, I would get up and do yoga stretches for 15 minutes, even before my coffee. I'm not sure how I lost this, but I'm pretty sure I was a more balanced person back then. I seem to remember having more energy throughout the day as a result of this. I am determined to get back on track (I just need to get myself physically out of bed first, then I'll work on the exercise factor).

7. Reward yourself for getting up early. Use the extra minutes for some "me-time". Contemplate on life for a while. Write in your journal. Try to remember your dreams. Meditate. Have a long, luxurious shower. Whatever floats your boat.

Ok so that's my plan... I'll let you know how it goes!
Any of you have any tricks you want to share?
(I need all the help I can get!)


Erin said...

Those are good tips! Keeping my alarm clock out of reach really helps me in the morning.

Erin said...

Those are good tips! Keeping my alarm clock out of reach really helps me in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm a morning person. Anyways, good tips! Hope you can go back to your old habits!

Diana said...

I've never been a morning person, but every so often when I wake up early and have those few moments alone with the gorgeous morning sun, I always wish it could be a routine for me. I'm a lost cause though. I will try to avoid the snooze button though! Your post is helpful and inspiring!

nancy said...

these are great tips - thank you! my city apartment is still quite dark in the early morning, especially in winter, so as soon as my alarm goes off i immediately turn on lots of lights, do some stretches, and get some mellow but cheerful music playing while i brew coffee. really helps wake up my brain!