Tuesday, January 17

Weekend Moments: x-country skiing at sunset

Lately up north we've been doing a lot of cross-country skiing. 
It gets us outside and it's really great exercise too (which keeps us warm while we're out there in the minus 30s).

There's a lot of friendly stray dogs around town, who always like to come along.

I love being in the woods at sunset. 
The way the setting sun shines through the snow covered trees is truly magnificent.

Lately the hubs and I have a new favourite meal, brussels sprouts & tofu. The recipe comes from the amazing vegetarian cookbook, Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi. This book is incredible! I own a lot of vegetarian cookbooks and they're all basically the same. This one is special.

Lately up north it's been rather stormy, and all I want to do is stay in bed all day and hibernate.
This is what we face in the morning when we have to go start the car. Brrrrrrrr!

Hope you're doing well out there : )


Anonymous said...

Brrr..how cold :)
I love the fact that dogs of your town come along with you!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That tofu looks delicious! =)


Stacy said...

I received that same cookbook for Christmas and have yet to make anything. Thanks for the recommendation - it looks like a good place to start!

Brhea said...

This looks so lovely. No snow down here in the dirty south ;) I loooove brussell sprouts! Thanks for sharing :)

Emily {tomorrow never knows} said...

Oh I need that recipe, I love brussel sprouts!
And that stray dog, so cute! It's been cold down here too lately. I can just imagine having those -30 days every day tho. BRRRRR!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

any chance of posting that recipe? it looks amazing :)
good way to keep warm. cheers!

Violet Tinder said...

I have always wanted to try cross-country skiing... looks so fun!!

LCR said...

Hey girl! don't you love winter?? I'm loving skiing and everything snowy around here too.
I just wanted to pop over here and say hello... I was off on a long bloggy break and backpacking trip to Australia and SE Asia... but I missed all my old blog friends! hope you are well.