Friday, February 17

Last Weekend in the City....

So our 2 week vacation has quickly come to an end, and sadly this is our last weekend in Montreal before we head back up north. 
Although it's really not that sad at all... I'm actually looking forward to being back in that beautiful remoteness. The city can be exhausting after a while.

Either way, we're trying to make the most of our last few days here.
And tomorrow we are going skiing with my family.

Speaking of skiing....
My friend Mark showed me this incredible ski video the other day. 
It's unexpectedly beautiful, and inspiring, and the cinematography is amazing.
It's definitely worth watching this little clip, which is an excerpt from the award-winning full-length film, All. I. Can.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.


Sarah Wilks said...

Oh that clip is AMAZING! So beautifully shot, and makes me really long for Canada. Thanks for sharing that! x

Mark said...

Nice. I'm Internet famous!

Unknown said...

Love that video!!!!

sweet harvest moon said...

Oh, are you an Instagram?

Love the video! I could watch skiing clips/video's all day actually!

Have fun skiing! I came home last week from the Alps(just made a post about it on the blog) and I miss it so :(

Alexa said...

Beautiful photos...and that video is insane!

natalie said...

little Oscie looks so cute....and old...but mostly cute