Monday, February 27

Weekend Moments... settling back in, up north

Oh and what a wonderful weekend it was!
And it all started with a wild blueberry pancakes... how all weekends should start, in my opinion.

I managed to recussitate my house plants after having abandoned them for 2 1/2 weeks. Miraculously, they seem to have enjoyed the lack of attention and are in full bloom. 
I re-started my sprouting too. 
Things are starting to get back in order around here.

Yup, it's back to life as usual up here in the north. 
Minus 30-degree weather, frozen toes and eyelashes, cross-country skiing with random stray dogs. 
Such is life up here, and it's good to be back.

On Sunday night we had friends over for dinner and I made my decadent creme brûlée. Man, that stuff it lethally good!

 Everyone had fun burning their own sugar with our mini blow torch. 
(it really is a lot of fun to use!)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I always love hearing about your weekends! A creme brulee party sounds fun (well, I'm calling it a party because that's what it looks like to me!)

Unknown said...

OH wow, look at all that snow! Those blueberry pancakes look divine. And a creme brulee party? Yum!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

sweet harvest moon said...

So lovely! I really adore your gloves!

Pinecone Camp said...

Your weekend looks and sounds beautiful. Creme Brulee looks especially spectacular!

Margie Oomen said...

now i know what my kitchen is lacking
a blow torch:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Your orchids are so nice!
And I can never get enough of those random dogs :)