Monday, April 23

Summer Lovin' at IKEA...

Spring/Summer is my favourite time to shop at Ikea. They always have so many fun balcony/garden/lighting ideas.

Like these tea-light lanterns. I bought one last year and I love it. 
I love that they now come in pretty colours too.

I love this classic glass serving tray... I'm picturing it loaded with cupcakes and scones, or fresh fruit, for a lovely summer al fresco breakfast or lunch.

On a table set with a pretty summer fabric cloth...

I also adore all their plant pot options... which are just perfect for a small city balcony like mine. 
 ps: my balcony looks nothing like this right now... but it will soon enough... it just needs some love & attention after a long, harsh Montreal winter : )

And I  always love these solar powered garden lanterns. 
Aren't they so pretty?

We're headed to Ikea tomorrow, and I will try my best to choose reasonably : )


Tiffany Kadani said...

I love their outdoor things! Sigh. I cannot wait to start having outdoor parties in the backyard. It's my favorite part of warm weather.

Sal {Daniel and I} said...

I love the pink chair! Unfortunately the husband would definitely not go for it! Have fun at Ikea!

Sal x

sweet harvest moon said...

I'm going to Ikea tomorrow,need those Liberty inspired items!

furniture sales online said...

Those are some awesome items. You can look for the right color for the room.