Monday, May 14

Falling in love with small town France

Have you ever stumbled upon a small country village so enchanting that you thought to yourself, why don't we just move here, buy an old farm house and grow a garden, live life simply, and die of old age?
That's how I felt about Noyers-sur-Serein, in the beautiful Burgundy countryside.
It was absolutely magical there.

We stayed at this incredibly charming bed & breakfast called La Vieille Tour. In a home built in the 1600s, with stone walls and fireplaces. It felt like we'd stepped back in time.

The B&B is run by a lovely Dutch artist named Margaret, who prepared a beautiful breakfast for us of fresh breads, fruit preserves and croissants from the local bakery. We sat at the kitchen table with her & her partner for around 2 hours chatting about life over cups of rich, dark coffee. 
Such is life in a small town.

We went for long walks through the cobblestone streets and into the hillside forests.

We had an amazing dinner at La Vieille Tour Restaurant (run by the B&B owner's son). If you ever should find yourself in this adorable small town, I'd highly recommend eating a meal there. We savoured in all the Bourgogne specialties like escargots and foie gras, local wine, magret de canard and the most incredible tarte au gingembre I could have ever imagined (a recipe which I am determined to crack once back home).

Needless to say, we loved it there.
: )


Beach House Living said...

Absolutely enchanting. I would not want to leave.

Emily {tomorrow never knows} said...

Wow Vanessa, every post and every photo just makes me want to teleport myself to these places. Looks like you are having a great vacation. Enjoy it!

Tiffany Kadani said...

These photos are incredible! ANd your words have me convinced that this is the place I need to live. I just love the feel of each photo. Gorgeous.

the southern hostess said...

It looks like a dream! Stunning photos!

Nicole R. said...

Ah, Vanessa! Looking at the pictures from your trip has given me such an urge to go back to France! Ah! I'm quite envy-filled over here! It looks like you had quite the incredible trip!! I'm definitely enjoying living vicariously through you two! Enjoy! xoxo!

Tash said...

Oh i'd want to stay too.. Beautiful views and photographs! x

Margie Oomen said...

you make me want to skip work today and hop on a plane

Anonymous said...

Wow...amazing! This town seems to be just what I need now..

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful pictures!