Wednesday, July 25

The hubby turns 31 and we eat ice cream cake

Yesterday was my darling husband's birthday. 
He never asks for anything, my husband (which makes him really hard to buy for), but this time he requested an ice cream cake. 
So an ice cream cake he got!

You can't find that kind of thing up here in the north. 
But luckily I recently bought an ice-cream machine (something I've wanted for a while now). So I decided to try making an ice cream cake from scratch. I made a basic vanilla ice cream, and loaded it with score bits, peanuts and chocolate chips. I made a cookie crumb crust and poured a thick layer of my decadent ice cream on top.

We ate it with fresh strawberries and hot chocolate sauce. 
It doesn't get any more indulgent than that! 

And for the record, it tasted AMAZING!


Fit With Flash said...

That looks amazing! Happy birthday to the hubs and congrats on looking fab pregnant : )

Tiffany Kadani said...

I'm sure it did! What an awesome wife to make that for him.

Mandy Koster said...

And... It also looks amazing! :)

X Mandy

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

Ahhh ice cream and cake - is there any better combination?! Don´t think so :)

Natalie said...

Well OF COURSE it tasted amazing! Happy birthday brother!
PS for the record, though he may not ask for much, it appears he does consistently ask for very specific birthday cakes each year and you are a wonderful wife for whipping up each request so perfectly and deliciously!

Margie Oomen said...

happy birthday to your husband and that looks delicious

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Now this is the grown-up version of an ice cream cake from my childhood. And with homemade ice cream, how can you go wrong? Yum!

Yasmeen said...

Happy happy birthday to your husband! What a delectable treat. Tell me more about this ice cream maker... we've been wanting to get one as well, as a little post-honeymoon gift to ourselves (any excuse will do, really).

We have a KitchenAid, so were thinking of getting the ice cream bowl attachment. Is that by chance what you guys did?