Monday, July 23

Weekend Moments: Beautiful Northern Solitude

We had a truly wonderful weekend up here in the great north. 
We set out exploring and discovered the most incredible lake for canoeing. The water was so clear and so still, and seemed to go on forever. 

The wilderness is so vast up here, 
the solitude so humbling,
and it's weekends like this that make all the craziness of living so far in the north so very worthwhile.

 And speaking of craziness... look how big my belly is at only 24 weeks of pregnancy!
(I think the little guy is going to love canoeing too one day)

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.


Unknown said...

Pregnancy looks so good on you! What a delightful weekend!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love your pregnant belly!
That first photo is amazing. I would frame it in a heartbeat and stare at it when I need to have a moment alone.

Melania said...

Your baby bump is so sweet and the photos suggest a sense of infinitive peace!!!

Buona giornata,