Tuesday, August 14

Ecological Footprint: If we all lived like...

How much land would we need if the entire world's population (estimated at 7 billion) lived like us?
Well apparently we would need 4 other planets!

Compare that to the people in Bangladesh... if we all lived like them, we would only need a fraction of our land. 

Pretty disturbing and rather sobering stuff, don't you think?

Illustration by Tim De Chant


Pistachio said...

Ugh...I have to hope that we wise up sooner that later!

maria said...

it is sobering isn't it. i think the visuals got me - this is an excellent post. Something different to what we might usually come across day-to-day from blogs we visit. Thanks for sharing this and getting us all thinking a little more about such an important issue.
Maria x

Martina // Spunkyrella said...

This is a very interesting topic! I´ve been to India a couple of years ago and on some days I still think how little we actually need to be happy and how much waste we´re actually producing. I try to live as green as possible and hopefully more people wake up.

I am going to link up to this post in my next Monday Morning Madness to spread the word!