Thursday, August 16

Montreal's La Mangeoire Truck on Eat Street

Montreal is such a foodie city, but thanks to some silly city bylaws we don't have any street food... that is, until now!
 This summer, as a pilot project, the city permitted a select few food trucks to serve up their delicious, gourmet street grub to us eager Montrealers. 

One of those food trucks is La Mangeoire, and I highly recommend it.
They make the most amazing gourmet sandwiches, made with incredibly fresh ingredients, and served with the best chili-lime sweet potato chips you'll ever have.

Today one of my favourite food network shows, Eat Street, was filming on location at La Mangeoire, so a few girlfriends and I went to go check it out (and maybe see if we could get on tv).

We felt shy about being filmed at first (they want to interview you as you're biting into the food, with sauce dripping down your face), but the Eat St. crew were so much fun and made it easy.

 We had a great time, and ate a lot of fabulous street food too!

If you live in the Montreal area, you should definitely check out La Mangeoire food truck.
The Eat St. show will air sometime this spring (I'll let you know if our interviews make the final cut!).


sweet harvest moon said...

Next time I'll be in Montreal, you will be my (foodie) guide ;)

karen marie said...

Love food trucks, food truck festivals are the best!

Abigail Mifsud said...

This looks delicious! I used to live in Canada (but on the other side in Vancouver) and I miss how much they serve sweet potatoes. But lucky you guys getting to be on TV :D So cool!

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You will love to see the Montreal La Mageoire truck on eat. Know details from here