Monday, October 8

Last weekend up north before maternity leave...

 We spent the weekend at a cabin in the woods, and really soaked up the north as much as we could. 
After all, it's my last weekend up here for quite a while. 

On Friday I'll be heading back home to Montreal in preparation for my delivery. 
No one stays up here past 36 weeks of pregnancy because our hospital isn't really set up for deliveries.
And to be honest, I am feeling very ready to stop working anyway.

It was a rather cold & rainy weekend, but the fall colours still sparkled through.

There truly is something magical about being in the complete wilderness, with no one else in sight for hours & hours.

We woke up Sunday morning to a light dusting of snow. 
The first of the season.
It was beautiful, and felt like a sweet little sign that it was time for this very pregnant girl to fly south.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too. 
And to all my fellow Canadians, a very happy thanksgiving!


Tiffany Kadani said...

Amazing shots. So peaceful.

Margie Oomen said...

the first snow is always so special
all the best for your travels and for the last few weeks of your pregnancy.