Friday, November 2

Have a lovely November-y weekend...

Can you believe it's November?
It already feels more wintery out.
In fact, it already feels like Christmas in the air... at least on the streets of Montreal anyway.
I don't know why but I honestly thought I'd have an October baby (even though my official due date is November 8th)... but November it will be.

I wish you a relaxing weekend, and to those of you affected by the hurricane, my thoughts are with you.


ps: don't forget to turn the clocks back this Sunday


Margie Oomen said...

november 8th is a very good day
we have four extended family birthdays on that day :)
but then again i was two weeks over my due date for my first baby

sweet harvest moon said...

Have a wonderful sunday!

Jan Halvarson said...

yay - thinking of you - i love montreal in autumn especially!

keishua said...

winter babies are the best... says, this winter baby.