Tuesday, December 11

Sparkling holiday party looks...

Sequin shiftdress  (Madewell)

I'm for all things glittery this holiday season.

Although, realistically, with a newborn baby in my arms at all times, I doubt I'd actually get any wear out of something this fancy... especially considering that I've been living in PJs and breastfeeding tank tops for the past 4 weeks. But hey, a girl can still admire!

Winter Fantasy Lace Blouse In Green  (Ruche)

Spark Of Light Metallic Maxi Dress (Ruche)

Sparkle dot shiftdress  (Madewell)

Falling Star Metallic Dress (Ruche)

Textile elizabeth & james® kelsey parka, dotted tux shirt, sequin mini (Madewell)


k said...

i guess i am boring and always sway towards the black...but i do like the sparkly skirt/fun shirt combo these days!

tara said...

I want them all!!