Tuesday, January 1

January - It's Time For Change

It's a new year.
It's time for some quiet.
It's time for reflection.

Time to end the over-indulgences.
Time for cleansing. 
For purifying.

Time to set goals,
and to keep them this time.

Time to examine ourselves,
and improve.
Improve our relationships,
improve our attitudes,
improve the way we treat our bodies,
each other,
and our planet.

It's a new year.
It's time to make some changes.


Margie Oomen said...

i agree fully.
I went for a lovely hike yesterday with old friends and the younger ones in the crowd were talking about turning a traditionally unlucky number year into one that is extra special through acts of random kindness. I think this is a very beautiful idea.

Eva said...

too true. here's to a new year and to sticking to what it is we really want.