Wednesday, January 16

Today is a new day...

After reading all your wonderful words of encouragement yesterday, I am feeling much better about everything today.
Thank you.

I know that I just need to surrender to what is right now. I will try to appreciate how completely dependent Zac is right now, and how tiny & precious & innocent he is... and how fleeting it all is. 
I already had to put away all his newborn clothes which no longer fit him. 
Time is flying by in a way, and soon things will be easier.

I am learning to take a few minutes to myself, even if he cries. To pour myself a coffee, have a bowl of yogurt and strawberries, and take a few deep breaths.

I hope you are having a wonderful day, wherever you are out there : )


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh I just read both of your posts,sweetie and I am so happy that you are feeling better today. My friend has a 6 months old girl and she also had a very hard few first months but by now it's getting better and better. Lily is sleeping more and it able to just be on her own for a few minutes without crying for mommy:) Have a wonderful day and talk to you soon! If I could, I'd come to babysit sometime:) xoxo

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love this follow up. So peaceful and beautiful in its simplicity.

k said...