Saturday, January 12

Weekend catch-up: bits & pieces

Thought I'd share a few snippets from the last few weeks.

It's always an adjustment after the holidays... going from big holiday dinners, houses filled with people, the constant celebrating, to the welcomed quiet and emptiness after everyone leaves. 
It's bittersweet.

Below: making an imprint of Zac's foot as a keepsake ornament. It will be fun to compare it to his foot size next Christmas : )

Zac will miss having so many friendly faces around, always wanting to hold him.

I'll miss my mother's cooking,

and the subtle beauty of winter in the country.

And of course, I'll miss my crazy family, who like to dance and sing around snowy bonfires.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


sweet harvest moon said...

Once again beautiful and heartwarming pictures!


Margie Oomen said...

families are wonderful but the quiet times in between make you appreciate them (the family) all the more.

Joanne said...

Zachary is looking nice and plump!

k said...

i feel like wesley is so bored with me now! he had so many people spoiling him the whole time we were home, haha :)

Unknown said...

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