Monday, January 21

Weekend Moments: just hanging around, staying warm

We had a cold & quiet weekend up north. The temperatures are still between minus 35 and minus 40 degrees... so we of course stayed indoors.

My poor husband had to work a 24 hour shift at the hospital on Saturday so I was left alone with Zac. Thankfully my friend Alex came by for tea in the afternoon, and my neighbour came by with a bag full of frozen caribou meat for us (the benefits of living in the great north and having hunters as neighbours... although I have NO clue how to cook caribou!).

 So me & Z, we spend a lot of time playing on the kitchen floor. I don't know why I choose the kitchen floor... that's just where we hang, 'cause we're cool like that ; )

He loves to watch me eat my cereal in the morning. He stares at my mouth and seems so intrigued. I think he's going to love eating solids and we will probably have to introduce them early. 
This guy loves to eat!

I started setting up Zac's nursery up here. It's pretty hard to decorate in the north since there are no real stores and you can't really bring much on the plane when you come. But I did bring up this little Ikea canopy and I think it looks rather adorable. Not that Zac has ever seen the inside of a crib before... he's been sleeping in our bed since day one and has always been incapable of sleeping anywhere else. But still, I'm optimistic for the future!

(Zac is all about the awkward one-sided smiles these days!)

On Sunday morning my dear husband finally came home from work looking rather tired and rather frozen.
(Did I mention that your eyelashes freeze up here when you go outside?!)
It was SO nice to have him home for the day. He took care of Zac while I got to pamper myself and enjoy a lot of me-time. It was WONDERFUL!

And sadly he's back to work again this morning, and Z and I are alone again.
But that's ok... I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole mom business : )

Happy Monday to you all!


sweet harvest moon said...

So cold but beautiful at the same time...

Stay warm xxx

Margie Oomen said...

gosh he is adorable

Jan Halvarson said...

so adorable - i love baby giggles!

Aron said...

Congrats on your new baby! That transition can be a bit of a challenge, but I am sure you'll get it! My wife did the same thing when I had those long shifts...

best of luck!


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