Weekend moments in the north...

Oh this weekend just flew by, didn't it?
I felt rather spoiled to have my husband home from Friday to Sunday, which meant that I got to take long, luxurious showers, bake banana bread, go outside, and play around with my camera.

(my adorable little hoodlum)

There was a lot of reading & relaxing this weekend....

On Saturday we went for a drive to the neighbouring town and saw a beautiful sunset and a spectacular full moon rise up over the horizon.

And we decided to take Zac on his first snowshoe expedition into the forest. It probably took us over an hour to get all bundled up, but sadly Little Z wasn't too fond of the subzero temperatures (can you blame him?)... he kept blowing spit bubbles from his mouth that were becoming semi frozen to his face, and it freaked us both out. So needless to say, we didn't last very long out there, but it was still worth it. I got to soak up a bit of that glorious arctic sunshine.

 And we played around a lot. We practiced Zac's favourite new game: pulling up to a stand and supporting his own weight for a few seconds, then wobbling back down. He can do it over and over again (and truthfully so can I, because I'm such a proud mamma!).

On Sunday night we went over to our friend Alex's house for an eclectic ethnic dinner. 
It always surprises me how creative people can be up here in the north with very limited supplies.
It was delicious in every way, and felt so good to be doing adult-like things again! 

For dessert she made the most amazing chocolate bread (Chocolate Kantz Cake from Ottolenghi's incredible new cookbook Jerusalem, if you're interested. A version of the recipe available here)...

Turns out it makes a wonderful breakfast too (thanks, Alex, for the leftovers!)

I hope you had a marvellous weekend.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

What a lovely weekend! So glad it was so happy for you!

Margie Oomen said...

fantastic weekend journal but the most darling photo is the one of your son with his deep blue eyes

sweet harvest moon said...

This sounds wonderful (except for the freezing spit bubbles ofcourse) and beautiful!

Joanne said...

Amazing to see Zachary pulling up already! I predict that he'll be an early walker.

Emily said...

I got the jerusalem book for christmas. Havent tried any of the recipes yet but it's gorgeous to look at :)

For the love of psych. said...

I love that when Zac is in the perfect outfit for working on his muscles - his sweats are adorable!!

Unknown said...

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