Friday, January 18

You know it's cold when...

It is sooooooo cold this week in the north!
There have been "extreme windchill warnings" every day, which means colder than minus 40 degrees celsius!

You know it's cold when everyone leaves their car running in the grocery store parking lot, because if they don't it won't start again. There's no fear of theft up here I guess.
Or when your car radio screen won't light up because it's literally frozen solid.
When your hair and eyelashes freeze,
and when your outside thermometer stops working because it's stuck in ice at the minus 20 mark.

And I thought Montreal was cold!

Hope you are staying warm out there, over here we're all bundled up and cozy.


Margie Oomen said...

your weather reminds me of the time I visited winnipeg one year in feb when my baby sister had her first baby. I thought it odd why no one was arriving there and everyone was going south at the airport:)

Amanda Kemp said...

You look so beautiful in that photo Vanessa! Stay warm!

sweet harvest moon said...

Oh my! Stay warm xx

k said...

i looooove pictures of baby!!!