Thursday, February 28

It's Thursday and I'm Thankful...

Today is Thursday and I'm thankful because the weekend is almost here.
But I am also feeling thankful because...

  • My parents are flying up north next week to visit us! We don't get many visitors up here in the great white north (not when a flight from Montreal costs $2000!), so I'm very, very excited.
  • That I have three beautiful orchids in my home - and all three of them are in bloom right now. (and thank you, Alex, for plant-sitting while we were away)
  • For the milder weather we've been having lately, which has allowed Zac and I to finally venture out of the house more often.
  • And finally for my breasts - yes, my breasts - for producing enough milk (despite my doubts) to feed my rapidly growing boy. I've done a fair amount of complaining about the difficulties of breastfeeding, so today it's time to feel positive about it. When I look at Zac's chubby thighs, his double chin, or his fat little feet I feel very proud. I did that! These barely-B cups did that! So thank you, girls ; )

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Joyti said...

Awww, have lots of fun with your parents. And congrats on a properly chubby little Zac!